Mission of Peritum American Attorneys

The legal community has been overrun with vanity awards that do not evaluate an attorney’s experience or knowledge. An attorney truly begins to master and become an expert (peritum) after thousands of hours in practice. With a minimum of 10 years experience to join or 5 years with accompanied CV and extensive review, you can be assured that you have an attorney that thoroughly knows and understands their trade.

The Mission of Peritum American Attorneys is to host an elite group of attorneys ready to expertly serve the public in their field of practice. After extensive schooling and testing, all attorneys then take an oath to uphold the law and do so in the best way they know. Also, all attorneys, before they are permitted to practice law, must pass what is known as Character and Fitness. This means that every jurisdiction requires bar applicants to meet the burden of showing they are of good moral character and otherwise fit to practice law. The American Bar Association goes into this in great detail. In short, prospective attorneys must undergo an extreme background check, including fact verification of all information on their bar application. PAA strives to find those attorneys that did not just slide by during their time as an attorney, we host and find the ones that excel.

In your search for an attorney, be sure to look for the qualifications that make a Peritum Attorney, see Selection Process. If you know, or have been represented by such an attorney and they are not currently a member of PAA, be sure to nominate them.

Do you have what it takes to take your place among the very best of your profession? Do you know an Attorney we should consider?

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